Registration | Summer 2017 | July 10th thru August 19th

The summer registration fee is $15 Fee per student, $10 for second child, $30 per family is due upon Registration. This fee covers Insurance ($200 Deductible & 1 year limit on claims) and administrative costs. Registration applies from start to August 31st, 2017.

To register, visit our Online Registration Page or complete a Registration Form for your child(ren). E-mail, fax, mail or deliver it to KMC with a check or money order for 1st and last month’s tuition and the registration fee. Visa and Mastercard are also accepted.

Please call the office at 6104444464 or contact us if you have any questions.

Tuition | Summer 2016 | July 11th thru August 20th

Tuition is based on time per week per family. The first and last month’s tuition are due upon registration. The remaining month’s tuition is due on the 1st class of the month. Late fees apply for unpaid balances after the 7th of the month. Tuition is based on time per week per family.

45 Minutes $74

1 Hour $98

1 Hour 15 Minutes $116

1 Hour 30 Minutes $140

1 Hour 45 Minutes $162

2 Hours $176

2 Hours 15 Minutes $198

2 Hours 30 Minutes $207

2 Hours 45 Minutes $228

3 Hours $249

Each hour above 3 hours is an additional $12 per month.

Payment Policy

Tuition is due the first Class of Each Month. If your child is absent three consecutive times without notification, he/she will be dropped from the roster and you will be billed for the entire month including the late charge.

Please notify the office, in advance, if withdrawing from the class.

If you have not paid your child’s tuition by the third class of the month, he/she will not be permitted to participate in the class. There will be a $5 Late Charge for payments made after the 7th day of the month or returned for insufficient funds.

There is a $25 charge for checks returned for insufficient funds.